Because the name “Nerdista” was taken, and “blerg” was the noise I made when I found out.

tumblr_lljkhoGCAx1qb2ez3Let me start out by saying that this is going to be one of THOSE blogs until I can figure out what specifically I am going to write about. If you’ve been on the internet ever in your life, you’ve basically seen this before — it’s yet another twenty-something straight white girl who fancies herself a writer, working out her need for attention in a very public medium while simultaneously hoping that she can “brand” herself into somebody popular and successful even though no one’s actually reading anything she’s putting out. A lot of sound and fury, you know the deal.

Believe me, I am no stranger to this stereotype. I have a very embarrassingly personal, fangirlish type of Tumblr (and no, you can’t have the URL — what are you, new? Did you not see the word “embarrassing” just now? ), and I’ve been using it for four years, so I’ve already basically graduated Listen-To-Me-Blog-My-Feelings University with honors. Magna Cum Laude, even.

The thing is, though, that while Tumblr is great for fostering community driven content and discussion, and while I’ve learned a lot about social justice and Teen Wolf over there (and I don’t even watch that show), I haven’t gotten a lot out of it professionally. Well, maybe professionally is not the right word to use, because that implies that I am a professional at something other than sleeping and guessing the end to Law and Order: SVU episodes, which I’m not. I mean to say that while my mind’s been expanded with knowledge by what I’ve read on Tumblr, my ability to channel that information into something of value has been stagnating for quite a while. As has my previously strict adherence to English grammatical structure but hey, sometimes you just can’t even, you dig?

Anyway, now that I’ve been out in the “real world” for the last six+ months (because everyone knows that college, like the proverbial cake, is a lie), I need to hunker down and actually create some content that I can be legitimately proud to call mine. My tendency over the past few years has been to gravitate towards nonfiction, essay-like prose, so that will presumably be my focus here — though I would love to once again be bitten by the fiction bug, as soon as I come up with an idea. Until then I suppose I’ll continue to flounder around with feelings and rants and whatever else I can think to make presentable here.

It could be worst. At least I’m not another fashion blog, right?

Well, not a fashion blog yet. Time will tell (and I have some very cute clothing).


One thought on “Because the name “Nerdista” was taken, and “blerg” was the noise I made when I found out.

  1. From one straight white twenty something yakking on about their feelings to another….good to meet you 😉 Great blog….it’s not fashion or a mommy blog too.. immediately more unique than most 😉

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