Everything’s coming up Milhouse!


Good news, nerds! Starting on April 9th I’ll be writing a biweekly column about pop culture heroines for Renegade Chicks, a great up-and-coming online magazine for women and by women. I’m incredibly excited to be a part of the RC team and can’t wait to start gushing about all my favorite lady heroes.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten a lot of amazing response from my last post about Manhattan and Game of Thrones, and I’ve decided definitely going to make a concentrated effort to give this blog a little more TLC. More and more I’m starting to realize that writing is what I ultimately want to do with my life, as an actual career rather just than a side hobby to make an unfulfilling full time job more palatable. So now that I have the time to devote to it, I’m going to dive in and focus on making the “professional writer” dream a reality. It will probably mean a lot more ramen noodles and PBR in my life in lieu of actual food and drink, but with any luck I’ll be able to make it work.

Until then, I can use all the support you can give, so like Renegade Chicks on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (it’ll make me look good) and check back here for when my column officially launches!


2 thoughts on “Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

  1. I caught up with your first column on RC. It was pretty excellent. I don’t watch the show, but I will check it out now. Congrats on your new gig.

  2. How far back will you be going with your retro pop culture heroines? I have a suggestion: Aeryn Sun from ‘Farscape’. If you’re not familiar, the concept is an absolutely asinine-sounding muppets-in-space-with-a-low-budget-Han-Solo type thing, but it kinda works and is tons of fun. Many of the female characters in the show are given actual stuff to do that is not completely dependent on furthering the story of one of the male characters. As a bonus, ‘Farscape’ features some great work from New Zealand actor Lani Tupu. (He’s not a pop culture heroine, but the arc of his character is fun to watch.)

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